Tourism Mediation Agent

In accordance with the article 7.2 of the Decree 89/2010 of 22nd of July, published in the BOC of 30th of July 2010, number 149, page 20306, Hotel Princesa Yaiza, S.A., via this medium, notifies that tourism mediation complaint forms are available at our headquarters, situated on Avenida del Papagayo, 22, Playa Blanca, municipality of Yaiza, in the island of Lanzarote.

This measure shall remain in force until, according to the article 7.2 of the aforementioned decree: “The competent Tourism Office of the Public Administration of the Autonomous Community of Canarias will promote the availability, to tourism mediation agents, of a computer application which enables the substitution of the inspection handbook for an electronic note recording system, as well as the use of complaint forms”.