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Quality Policy

At PRINCESA YAIZA SUITE HOTEL & RESORT we have made a purposeful commitment to QUALITY, aimed at establishing a dialogue framework with our customers and suppliers, improving our working systems and consequently achieving our customers’ satisfaction.

Our Mission

We are an independent luxury 5* hotel, our vocation is the permanent search for satisfaction in our customers, the development of our professionals and the profit-earning capacity for our stockholders, through the excellence in service, promoting innovation, in a sustainable and ethical environment.

Our Commitment

To achieve our purpose, we have established the following performance principles, on which our Quality System turns:

  • Assume the needs and expectations of our customers as our own.

  • Offer the demanded services based on Safety, Hygiene and Innovation criteria.

  • Maintain the communication with our customers, staff and suppliers, to detect opportunities to improve our processes.

  • Achieve and maintain the adequate level of technical qualification of our staff by means of continuous training.

Our Environmental Commitment

Obliged to sustainability, we work on introducing a system that guarantees an adequate management of the resources and a protection of the environment, which satisfies the demands of society. For that purpose we commit ourselves to fulfill and enforce the following principles:

  • Introduce environmental criteria in the development of our activities promoting environmental concerns in our staff, suppliers and guests.

  • Use the continuous improvement as a system to be more and more efficient in the use of energetic resources.

  • Prevent the production of waste by means of reduction, re-using and recycling.

Our Aims

The purposeful link with the General Management Unit in the maintenance and overcoming of the acceptation levels of our services is an imperative of the QUALITY objectives to reach. These aims are the following:

  • Devise and maintain some behaviour guidelines that guarantee the continuous improvement of our facilities and services.

  • Research and act upon the reasons of the detected problems to prevent them from happening again.

  • Consolidate an awareness of self-commitment in all PY staff.

All the people working at PRINCESA YAIZA SUITE HOTEL & RESORT are responsible of the quality of our work.

As Manager, I commit myself to be the first to fulfill, as well as enforce, the provisions gathered in our Quality Management System.

This Quality Policy is a commitment of all the organization of HPY before our customers.

The organization for the provision of our services is the one indicated in the ORGANIZATIVE MANUAL and DPT Files. Every person identified in the aforementioned manual is obliged to put into practice which is specified as his/her responsibility with the purpose of:

  • a) Proving our capacity to supply in a consistent way services that satisfy the requirements of our customers and the applicable statutory requirements.

  • b) Achieving our guests’ satisfaction through the effective implementation of the system.

The Quality Management System is ruled by the provisions established in the current document, and each Area Manager must ensure the strict fulfillment of the requirements in this Manual.

HPY solely excludes those requirements of the Quality Management System which neither affect the organizational capacity nor absolve it of its liability, to supply services which satisfy the customer’s requirements and the applicable regulations.

These exclusions are limited to the requirements enlisted below, together with the reason for their exclusion:

Section 7.3 DESIGN AND DEVELOPMENT because the changes carried out over time arise from the dynamics of continuous improvement and not for the existence of a specific activity of development of new products and services.

Likewise, I Appoint ISABEL FERNÁNDEZ, Quality Manager, who has the authority, responsibility and organizational independence required to ensure that the Quality System is established, set up and maintained. To do so, she must:

  • a) Ensure that the processes of the Quality Management System are established and maintained;

  • b) Report the Management Unit on the operation of the Quality Management System including the needs for improvement;

  • c) Promote awareness of the customers’ requirements in all levels of organization;

  • d) Act representing the Management Unit before customers and suppliers in issues related with the quality management system.

Social Development Program

The social development model of HOTEL PRINCESA YAIZA SUITE HOTEL & RESORT is based on the 5 main pillars:

  • Training and development of our staff.

  • Collaboration with the local community.

  • Care for our employees’ health.

  • Equal opportunities.

  • Social dialogue.

Our commitments

To achieve this purpose, our pillars are itemized in commitments where our actions and decisions are lined up:

  • Ensure that the employees’ rights are respected and fulfill the legal requirements that affect our sector and those of our Autonomous Community.

  • Develop the suitability of our staff through the elaboration of a training plan based on the organizational needs and making the performance evaluation of our staff.

  • Participate in the local life of our island, promoting its richness and collaborating with several organizations, carrying out social actions that promote the economic and social welfare in our community.

  • Develop reciprocally beneficial relations with the schools providing the future professionals of our sector with training programs.

  • Favour work-life balance, adapting work schedules as far as possible.

  • Care for our staff’s health, training them in the prevention of risks that affect their work and supplying them with their PPE (Personal Protective Equipment).

  • Favour equal opportunities fighting against gender and racial discrimination in all our staff selection and recruitment processes.

  • Encourage dialogue with the different bodies (Works Council, Health and Safety Committee, Equal Opportunities Committee), and leave open a straightforward communication between company and employees.

As Manager I commit myself to be the first to fulfill, as well as enforce, the provisions gathered in our social development program.

Environmental Policy

At PRINCESA YAIZA SUITE HOTEL & RESORT we commit ourselves to establish a working system that guarantees the protection and respect for the environment and biodiversity/sustainability of our island, Lanzarote, as well as the optimal use of natural resources.

To achieve our aim, we have defined our Environmental Policy providing the reference framework of our values and lines of action for the preservation of the environment. To this end, with the present document, HOTEL PRINCESA YAIZA commits to:

  • Implement our philosophy of continuous improvement into each of our processes to increase their environmental efficiency and constantly evaluate the consumption levels of our hotel and its waste management process to maintain the control of its environmental impact.

  • Fulfill the current laws and regulations applicable to the company as well as the requirements of social responsibility, safety and risks.

  • Involve the whole staff in the achievement of the proposed environmental aims by means of training programs and internal awareness.

  • Use the resources in a rational way by minimizing water, energy and paper consumption; reducing the production of waste through recycling and re-using.

  • Promote good environmental practices in both our suppliers and customers.

All the people working at PRINCESA YAIZA SUITE HOTEL & RESORT are responsible for looking after the environment.

As Manager I commit myself to be the first to fulfill, as well as enforce, the provisions gathered in our Environmental Statement.

The Management Unit is responsible for enforcing the Quality Management System as a whole, and appoints suitably qualified auditors so that, no less than once a year, they elaborate a documented analysis of the suitability of the System. These auditors must at least carry out an audit with the Quality Manager like training. The auditor will require any necessary corrective action.

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