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The Thalasso and Spa Centre, located on Playa Dorada seafront, has 50 booths for facial treatments, massages, hydrotherapy, and rituals for relaxation and well-being.

Thalassotherapy is the use, with preventive or healing purposes, of the therapeutic virtues of seawater and other elements from the marine environment as algae, silt and climate.

Algae, due to their high concentration of minerals (iodine, calcium, phosphor, potassium, magnesium...), trace elements, vitamins and amino acids, revitalize and tone when applied on the skin. Sea mud, with high ionic concentration, has a great soothing power over joint pains. Trace elements and marine salts have a great cleansing, re-vitalizing and anti-stress effect.

Discover our Thalasso treatments, a perfect combination between marine elements and the accurate techniques of our professional staff.


Envoltura Calcio marino by Thalion

Anti-aging, joint flexibility & quality of the skin. Calcium is an essential mineral for bone mineralization and the level of firmness and skin elasticity.
This concentrate fo...


Sea Magnesium bodywrap by Thalion

Stressed? tired? sleep disorders? maybe magnesium deficiency?
This ultra care concentrated in natural marine Magnesium offers a very effective skin absorption mode.
It rechar...

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