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Isla de Lobos

Gastronomic bastion of the Princesa Yaiza Hotel.
Situated in an idyllic position with a wonderful terrace overlooking the ocean, Fuerteventura and Isla de Lobos.
Exclusive gourmet restaurant with a dream-worth atmosphere.
The traditional cuisine is enriched by avant-garde cooking techniques that bring a new twist to all the dishes of the menu.
You will have the pleasure to enjoy breakfast (only for adults) and exclusive dinners à la carte.
Booking required (You can book your table by using our mobile application, App Princesa Yaiza).


The philosophy of the restaurant is based in a cuisine of taste, with the best raw materials of our land, as Isla de Lobos works closely with local farmers, fisherman and with "Finca de Uga", which offers to their creations an incredible range of exclusive products with exceptional quality. It is a traditional cuisine coupled with the application of new techniques to achieve different textures and experiences, always respecting the product and its origins. Our creations put in value the best raw material in the archipelago. The result is an avant-garde cuisine of contrasts, ready to offer diners an unique culinary experience which delights the senses.




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