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Cardiovascular activity on adjustable exercise bicycle where you can pedal at different intensity and speed. It is a medium and medium-high intensity session indicated to help you with weight management, improvement of your cardiovascular system and toning of legs and gluteus.

DURATION: 50 minutes

TYPE OF EXERCISE: Cardiovascular.

CALORIES: 350 - 700 kcal, depending on your body weight and achieved intensity

BENEFITS: It improves your cardiac fitness.


Core Training is a kind of training of the muscles located in the central region of our body, that is to say, abdominals (visible and deep), lumbar muscles, gluteus, pelvic floor and muscles involved in posture as spinal erectors.

DURATION: 10-15 minutes

TYPE OF EXERCISE: Abdominal strength and lower back compensation

CALORIES: approximately 75 kcal

BENEFITS: It works out and builds the stomach muscles and protects your back.


Group tone session conducted with background music aimed at working out all major muscle groups in a dynamic way.

DURATION: 50 minutes

TYPE OF EXERCISE: Strength-resistance

CALORIES: 250-500 kcal, depending on body weight and intensity

BENEFITS: Improvement of general physical condition, strength and resistance


Medium and high-intensity training which uses exercises from weightlifting and similar disciplines for the development of strength and muscle resistance.

DURATION: 30 minutes


CALORIES: 200-400 kcal, depending on intensity and body weight

BENEFITS: Full physical improvement, especially of muscle strength


Sport Centre Princesa Yaiza

reservations and information(+34) 928 519 300 ext 7:30 — 21:30S-D 8:00 — 15:00

At Sport Center Princesa Yaiza you will find a set of facilities that will let you enjoy a full and efficient training. For that purpose we have an up-to-date range of cardio workout machines, as well as a full and renewed strength area provided by the innovative and renowned, fitness leader company, Technogym, and a space designed to develop exercise programs as cross training or paleotraining, daily available to users of the sport centre, on request. We also have an activity room where a wide range of supervised sessions are conducted. You can find them downloading our program of supervised sessions. In or current program we have included new sessions as suspension training (TRX), zumba and yoga.

From Sport Centre Princesa Yaiza we want to turn your experience with us into something really special, for that purpose we offer you the possibility to improve your health, learn and improve your abilities and achieve a more harmonic and firm body through a series of specific programs.

These programs focus on 3 workout lines: aquatic, aimed at learning basic concepts or improving your swimming techniques, as well as the specific strengthening that the aquatic environment offers to us. Next, we offer the opportunity to do a workout session that, through the different Pilates machines: Cadillac, reformer and chair, together with different postural re-education techniques will let you achieve a proper body balance.

Finally, we suggest a program of perfect combination between aesthetics and performance, to start a process of whole change which includes a workout plan where we will combine the latest trends: cross training…with a careful and individualized nutritional guideline in charge of our staff with the clear aim of making you experience a real change.

Children under the age of 16 are not allowed in the sport centre.

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