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Gastronomy for all tastes at Hotel Princesa Yaiza

We know that gastronomy definitely represents an important part of holidays. With our daily fast pace of life, very often we have little time to enjoy quiet meals in good company, thus not being able to appreciate the different flavours and textures of food. For that reason, holidays are the perfect time to take advantage of every meal, sharing them with your family, friends or with your partner, trying new flavours and enjoying the moment. At Hotel Princesa Yaiza we are aware of that and, for this reason, we give a lot of importance to gastronomy, offering the best quality, variety and, of course, remembering to attend the different special dietary needs of all our guests, as for example, specific diets for diabetics or gluten-intolerant people. Would you like to know in what way every dish you try at the hotel is special? Go on reading and learn about it. 

Variety. Not everybody likes the same things, we are clear about that. There are those who enjoy trying new dishes and ingredients and those who keep loyal to their lifelong tastes, those who enjoy international gastronomy and those who would like to try the local food, those who don’t stop watching their diet even on holidays…That is why we have 5 restaurants à la carte: the gourmet Isla de Lobos, the Japanese Kampai, the Italian Don Giovanni, the Mediterranean Chiringuito and the traditional +Tapas; and 3 buffet restaurants: the international Yaiza, the Italian La Piazzeta and the Mexican La Hacienda. Impossible for our guests not to find their favourite dish among so much variety!

Specialization and safety. Our kitchen team is made up of the best experts, both on food and cooking techniques and on hygiene and food safety, strictly fulfilling all the current regulations. We have chefs specialized on every gastronomy theme we offer at the hotel. We even have our own bakery, with a qualified chef and his team of pastry cooks! In addition, we really take our guests’ special dietary needs into account; our staff is highly qualified in food intolerances and allergies; in fact, we are equipped with a specific, independent kitchen room that allows us to cook gluten free and avoid cross-contamination. 

Quality. Our ingredients are of the highest quality; we search season and local products, supporting local producers as we achieve an even fresher product. The nearby Finca of Uga, our restaurants’ main provider, guarantees a sustainable exploitation and the freshness of its ingredients. Food raw materials are the base for any good recipe but, of course, they need our great professionals in order to be elaborated. As a proof of our cuisine’s quality, we have received several awards and certifications, as the title of “Best hotel restaurant in the Canary Islands” awarded to our Isla de Lobos, or the Gran Hotel Turismo magazine award for Best Hotel Gastronomy at a national level.

Not only incredible dishes. We want every meal to be special and different, a real culinary experience. You can enjoy impressive show cooking at our 3 buffets and also at the Kampai Japanese restaurant’s teppanyaki, where not only will you taste the best dishes of international gastronomy, but you will also enjoy the experience of watching how they are cooked. Our gourmet restaurant Isla de Lobos organizes once a month the KM Zero experience, which we have dealt with before in our blog, which consists of a visit to Finca de Uga to learn about the local food movement, selecting and collecting ingredients at the farm that can be tasted afterwards during a gourmet dinner at the restaurant Isla de Lobos. 

Gastronomy days at the Princesa Yaiza. Very in line with the previous paragraph, we must talk about our gastronomy days, when we always invite well-known international chefs to perform their mastery in the kitchen. Next appointment will take place from 15th to 17th November and will host the chef of Great Luxury 5-star hotel Palais Namaskar, Khalid El Goumani, who will bring the Moroccan cuisine closer to his dinner guests. With more than 19 years of experience behind him, we are totally clear that he’ll delight both local people and visitors.

Have we whetted your appetite with this article? This is what we kept in mind! Seize the promotions available to book your stay with us, come and enjoy our incredible gastronomy in an incomparable environment. We’ll be waiting for you!

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