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Tips to sleep better

Do you have problems to fall asleep at night? With the return to routine after the summer, the stress and autumnal asthenia, you may be suffering from insomnia. There are different types of sleep disorders. They may be chronicle (lasting months, even years), temporary (during periods of less than 3 months), of initiation (difficulty to fall asleep in less than 30 minutes) and maintenance (problems to keep asleep). Reasons can be varied: hormonal changes, stress, inadequate work schedules, frequent travels, physical discomfort, lack of bedtime routine, hyperactivity before bedtime…Only those who have faced the situation of linking several days having little sleep and who have felt frustrated for not being able to sleep in spite of being tired, know how much one can miss a good night’s sleep.
If you suffer from insomnia or you just would like to rest better, the tips below will turn out very useful to have Mr Sandman bring you a dream.
• Stress is the main enemy of sleep, no matter if it is caused by personal problems, work, studies…The best solution is finding an activity, such as practising a sport, doing yoga, cooking, drawing…, which can make you disconnect from those situations that cause insomnia. You probably have a hobby that may help you relax. You can also consider to have a break from time to time, which lets you disconnect from daily routine; at the Princesa Yaiza we will be pleased to welcome you and be your oasis of calm!
• Melatonin is a hormone that our bodies secrete in a natural way whenever we perceive a decrease of ambient light, and which regulates our sleep cycle. You can find it in the form of capsules or infusions, usually combined with natural relaxing components such as valerian, passionflower or lime blossom tea, among others. At our Thalasso & Spa Center, we have a treatment specifically devoted to improving the quality of your sleep: Melatonin Mineral Therapy. It can have a duration of two or four days. Your body will thank you once you get to sleep as a baby; ask our staff to obtain all the information related and its benefits for your body.
• Improve your daily routines. On many occasions, remedying insomnia is easier than we think. Establish a fixed bedtime schedule, disconnect from electric devices before going to bed, don’t watch TV nor do activities that activate your mind too much just before going to bed, do exercise during the day to feel more tired at nightfall, don’t work until just before bedtime, have light dinners…Taking care of your daily routine, you will both feel better and sleep better.
• For the moment you are in bed: don’t get obsessed with the idea of falling asleep, nor take advantage of the moment to mentally review what has happened during the day or any coming events. Try hard to leave your mind blank and not revolve around problems. A trick that will help you fall asleep is counting backwards slowly. Yes, counting sheep helps put yourself to sleep. Another technique may be breathing slowly and focusing on relaxing every part of your body.

We hope we won’t have made you yawn with this article, but we would like to be of help to make you sleep better. This month you can benefit from a 20% discount on every treatment of our Thalasso Center Princesa Yaiza, so if our melatonin treatment sounds good to you, it is the perfect moment to come and try it. We’ll be waiting for you!

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