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Star gazing in Lanzarote

Did you know this year is ideal to watch Saint Lawrence’s meteor shower? The well-known Perseids will be better seen during the nights from 12th to 13th of August, almost coinciding with the new moon, which will cause a dark sky perfect for the observation of the stars. Since the 10th of August it is possible to start watching Saint Lawrence’s ‘tears’, which will last until next 15th of August. 

The Canary Islands are a privileged spot for astronomic observation. Even though Lanzarote is not one of the islands with the highest altitude, its limpid and little polluted sky is ideal to watch the meteor shower. 

For that reason, we come up with the perfect plan for the nights of the weekend from 10th to 12th of August; what better idea than enjoying a dinner under the shooting star shower at the terrace of any of our restaurants +Tapas or Don Giovanni? Make up your mind, come and wish upon the stars from La Plaza at Hotel Princesa Yaiza, an outdoor space full of magic, with the best atmosphere and accompanied by live music every evening.
We’ll tell you some curiosities about this popular meteor shower with which you will be able to surprise your partners at the table:

Why does this phenomenon take place? The reason is the comet 109P/Swift Tuttle, which was discovered in 1862. The comet detaches particles from its tail, which shine when they get in contact with the atmosphere, get hot and finally evaporate, making up the flash we can see in the sky. 

Why can we watch them every year? It is due to the movement of the Earth, specifically to its annual translation around the Sun. On every turn it meets again the accumulation of particles of the comet. It is the same phenomenon we can find in other meteor showers, but the Perseids are especially popular because of the summer season when the phenomenon takes place, coinciding with holidays and good weather. 

Why are they known as Saint Lawrence’s ‘tears’? This name has extended in the countries with catholic tradition. It is due to its proximity to the Feast of Saint Lawrence, which has also made them be known by this name. In the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, the Perseids coincided with the night when the saint was commemorated, so they finally were associated with the tears he dropped when he was burnt alive in Rome. 

Why are they known as Perseids? This denomination refers to the constellation of Perseus, due to the perspective that gives the impression that the meteor shower comes from this constellation, even though this is not really the case. The name comes from Greek mythology, according to which Perseus was the offspring of Zeus and the nymph Danae. His father had locked him in an unbreakable bronze tower, which could not even be crossed by a god. To be able to get there, Zeus decided to turn into a golden shower, thus crossing the prison bars. According to legend, to commemorate the moment of his conception, Perseus sends the Earth a meteor golden shower every year.

Long story made short, we can’t miss it! And you? Come to Plaza Princesa Yaiza and fall in love with the magic sky of Lanzarote, enjoying the meteor shower with a wonderful dinner at an unbeatable spot. We make it easy, you can make your reservation for +Tapas or Don Giovanni by telephone, sending us an e-mail on using our mobile app.

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