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The Princess Yaiza and her history in the Canary Islands

This month we are celebrating at the hotel the day of Princess Yaiza, one of the great protagonists in the Canary Islands and, of course, in our hotel and Lanzarote. Many people think our hotel’s name was chosen at random and very few people know about the story of princess Yaiza; that’s why today we would like to share it with you.

Princess Yaiza was a dream princess who lived in Lanzarote, with a majestic beauty and whose brown eyes became green every time she approached the sea shore. She was a young, cheerful and smiley princess who cheered up all the inhabitants of the island with her sweet character. Her father, the king, was clear that a princess should marry a prince, and chose prince Layn as her husband, a handsome prince of the same age and beauty of the princess and her friend since they were children. It was precisely because of the relationship existing between them since their early childhood that princess Yaiza had always seen prince Layn as a friend rather than her future husband.

One morning, at dawn, a barge arrived in the island with 7 men aboard, taking a message for the king and numerous presents for him and his daughter. Princess Yaiza was watching them from her window when, suddenly, her eyes met those  of one of the 7 young men, and both fell in love at first sight at that very moment. The young man was prince Acaymo, son of the king of the Akanes tribe, from one of the neighbouring islands, who was there to ask for princess Yaiza’s hand in marriage. As she was already engaged to prince Layn according to her father’s wishes, the king proposed that both princes should climb the sacred mount of Benarim island, where the plant of wishes grew, and the first to come back would marry princess Yaiza.

Even though prince Acaymo was the first to come ashore at his return, on his way home he found princess Yaiza’s pet in serious trouble, being attacked by other animals, because of which he chose to defend the princess’s puppy, thus allowing prince Layn to arrive first and confirm his engagement to her.

Finally, prince Layn realized how deep in love princess Yaiza was with prince Acaymo and left the path clear for their marriage, which resulted in happiness for Yaiza and Acaymo, who managed to get married on a lovely royal wedding day full of colour and emotion. Since then, they ruled over Lanzarote and lived happily ever after.

According to another of the island’s legends, princess Yaiza turned into salt waiting for her prince to come back, and since then, every night she appears in El Río salt mines waiting for him. Take note of this and you already have a plan and something to check this summer in your visit to the island!

As you can see, Lanzarote was once a kingdom of princes and princesses, and princess Yaiza still has her private kingdom, Hotel Princesa Yaiza, where you will be able to enjoy your summer holidays as if you were at a palace. We’ll be waiting for you to learn about her story first-hand!

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