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Interviews in the heart of the hotel #15: Meet Jörg Haustein, Food & Beverages Director

The restaurants and bars team is key to make sure our guests have a great time during their holidays: who does not enjoy a good meal? A good gastronomy, outstanding cocktails and wines and a faultless service are part of the good memories we bring back home! 

But in order to make sure that our guest enjoy the best gastronomy experience, a background work of organisation, efficiency and analysis of our guests’ needs has to be done. Today, we would like you to meet the Food & Beverages Department Director, the leader of our Restaurants & Bars team, Jörg Haustein! Jörg has dedicated his whole carreer to the F&B world: Sheraton or Radisson Blu are some of the great hotel chains in which we has worked. Today, he will explain us what his job is about. 

PRINCESA YAIZA: Hello Jörg! How long have you been working in the Princesa Yaiza Suite Hotel Resort, and what is your position in the hotel?

JÖRG HAUSTEIN: Hello, I’ve been working for 2 years in the hotel, and I am the Resident Director for the Food & Beverages Department. This department includes the Purchasing, Kitchen, Waiters and Restaurants areas. 

PRINCESA YAIZA: And what is your job about? 

JH: My job is the best job of the hotel, because it is about making our guests happy. We make them happy thanks to good meals, good drinks, and a good service. I manage the complete gastronomy supply chain of what we offer to our guests: from purchasing the product and storing it, to cooking it and serving it in the different restaurants and bars.

PRINCESA YAIZA: And what is a normal day for you? 

JH: What I like about my job is that there are no normal days, I constantly need to improvise and organise, even more so considering that we have a huge department: more than 250 people. We have to take into account a lot of information: from events to guest’s allergies that we have to take into account during the services. My day to day consists in connecting with my employees and with the guests, I tend to work more in operations than in administration. I really enjoy being in contact with the guests and with my employees in the restaurants in order to get their opinion and evalutation of our work. In the morning, when I arrive, I start the day by visiting the different buffets and restaurants: I check if all the staff that should be working on this day is here, that the buffets and restaurants open at the right time, that the products that are part of the menu of the day are correctly handled. And I re-check the same things for all the services of the day. 

PRINCESA YAIZA: And if you have a service including guests with allergies, or with a special need (let’s say a birthday), do you take care of communicating it to the F&B team?

JH: My team has the information, and I prefer them to take their own decisions, I give them the power and responsibility to organise themselves by taking into account this information. In case of allergies, or if they have to do a birthday cake, for example, the kitchen department manages this information and takes it into account.
PRINCESA YAIZA: And who prepares the employees schedules? 

JH: Each department manager prepares its own schedules, and manages the holidays and working days of each of their employees. Once the schedules are done, they validate it with me. Currently, we are working on the development of a programme that will enable us to make an estimation of the number of people who will come to each of our restaurants depending on the hotel occupancy, in order to prepare the F&B employees schedules in a more efficient way. 

PRINCESA YAIZA: If an event is organised (a wedding, etc.), who coordinates the different aspects to be taken into account? 

JH: The events department gives us the list of needs that we will have to consider. We check it, organise what is needed for the event and serve it on D-Day. In this case, I take care of communicating the needs that the bars and restaurants that will work for this events will have to take into account, and to supervise them on the day of the event. 

PRINCESA YAIZA: What do you like most about your job? 

JH: Throughout my carreer, I have worked in different departments of a hotel: in reception, accountability, kitchen... And for me, the best department is the Food & Beverages: all the departments are very important and all the jobs in a hotel are nice, but I think that the moment during which the guests are happiest is after enjoying a nice drink in one of our bars, or after a good meal. I myself enjoy good food and drinks, and I enjoy seeing that our guests enjoy their meals and drinks. Food & Beverages are my passion, I just love this controlled chaos that this department represents. “Chaos” because there are always unexpected events, and “controlled” because we always find the way to get adapted to them and to find them a solution. Our guests inform us of their needs at the last minutes, and we have to be reactive and to get adapted to them. And they thank us for this reactivity.
And another advantage of working in the F&B Department of this hotel is that it has very special gastronomy projects thanks to the Finca de Uga and the Isla de Lobos restaurant. This is something that make us different.

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