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Tips to save on your summer holidays

Summer holidays are coming and, as every year, it is unavoidable to think about the extra expenses they involve for the family. But it is also possible to plan your holidays concentrating expenses, organizing your budget appropriately and saving money, even if it sounds a bit utopic. How is that possible? Today we give you some keys for you to take note and put into practice this summer:

-Buy your travel tickets in advance: Do not wait until the last moment to buy your flight or train tickets, because prices rise gradually as the starting date of the trip approaches. Try to compare prices in the morning and in the evening, because fees usually change along the day. 

-Flexibility of dates: Do not rush to buy the ticket just for the starting date you had in mind, also search tickets for the day before and the following day, because prices can vary just within a day and you can save up to 50%, especially on flight tickets. 

-Book your hotel accommodation in advance: Advanced hotel bookings usually have a discount that turns out very interesting for holidays of a week or more. At PY Hotels & Resorts you can save from a 10% to a 25% on specific dates if you book in advance, do not hesitate to check our website and benefit from it. 

-Book half or full board accommodation in the hotel, this way you will know in advance what you will spend during your stay and won’t be surprised when you check out on your last day. In addition, you will be able to enjoy all the available food at the hotel restaurants without being afraid of the bill. 

-Choose a family room instead of several individual or double rooms. When you work out the price, it turns out more economic and this way you will enjoy a family stay sharing every moment together. Family rooms are bigger and you will stay together but not in each other’s pockets. So, keep calm! In our Hotel Princesa Yaiza, for example, we have rooms with capacity for up to 6 people, ideal for large families. 

-Recycle inflatable beach mattresses, floaters, buckets and spades from one year to the next, they are not really cheap and, before you notice, you’ll find in your storeroom 3 inflatable crocodiles, 2 flamingos and about 5 beach buckets with their corresponding spades and rakes. Do the stocktaking before buying new things!

These are just some tips for you to start saving money this summer, if you have some more suggestion share it with us on our social networks with the hashtag #PY summer and tell us what your summer is like, we’ll be waiting for you!

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