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Benefits of practising yoga during your holidays

Holidays are a synonym for relax, well-being and disconnection, and the perfect moment to reset your mind while you shape your body. Because of this, and taking advantage of the fact that the International Day of Yoga is celebrated this month, today we encourage you to start practising it on your next stay with us. At our Sport Center Princesa Yaiza we count on a qualified and greatly experienced Yogi master, and we offer daily yoga sessions to our guests every week and during the whole year.

But, why should you practise yoga during your holidays?

• You are beginning a new stage to improve your physical condition and mental health, you will start doing yoga with us and you’ll feel so good on your return home that you will want to keep practising it.
• The practice of yoga suits all physical forms, no matter if you have never practised any sport or if you do it every day.
• You’ll be able to disconnect from everything and dedicate your holidays to rest and forget about working worries and stress.
• You can take advantage of our proximity to the beach to practise yoga on the sand, while you benefit from the positive effects that the sunshine and the sea breeze have on our body.
• You will improve your muscle and joint flexibility, and you’ll come back home feeling much better at a physical level.
• You will boost your immune system and your breathing capacity, and you will learn how to breathe better on your return to routine.
• You will improve your digestive function, and as a result you’ll be able to enjoy our 9 restaurants even more during your holidays.
• You will control better your negative feelings and emotional imbalance.
• You will improve your inner self as well as your outer beauty, since yoga postures contribute to improve body shape and posture as well as they help reduce body fat. 

We bet you did not expect so many benefits with such a minimum effort. As you will have checked, with the practice of yoga your holidays at Hotel Princesa Yaiza will become a full cure of relaxation and a recovery of both mental and physical well-being. In addition, our facilities are also equipped with the ideal complement to the practice of yoga: our Thalasso & Spa Center Princesa Yaiza, where you can add the benefits of sea water in our water circuit and also with our sea water, salt and mud treatments. 

As you can see, we have the perfect combo to make your next holidays much more than just holidays as you devote them to yourself. Would you like to start right now? Book your stay on and let us arrange a tailor-made stay that will overcome your expectations. You’ll come back home fully renewed!

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