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Celebrate Museum Day in Lanzarote

Museums are one of the big sources of knowledge and curiosity of all times. They keep memories from our ancestors, culture, history and a lot of curious anecdotes. For this reason, in this month where International Museum Day is celebrated, we encourage you to discover a little more about the history of Lanzarote, which not only has beautiful beaches, visiting the museums this paradise offers to us, pay attention!

International Museum of Contemporary Art: near the capital of the island, Arrecife, there is a very picturesque art gallery, since it is located within Saint Joseph’s Castle. The use of this castle as art gallery was an initiative of the artist César Manrique, who opened the museum in 1976, including works by Picasso, Tàpies, Miró or Monpó, among other artists. 

Tanit Ethnographic Museum: In the heart of the island, in one of the towns where the first settlements in the Canary Islands took place, San Bartolomé, this museum preserves the ethnographic patrimony of Lanzarote. Here, you will learn about the history of the island through its traditional costumes, its ancient working tools, its people’s customs and ingenuities to deal with the windy and dry climate, and its volcanoes. In addition, the Tanit Museum has been awarded as Cultural and Tourist Interest Centre by the Cabildo (island council) of Lanzarote. 

House/Museum of César Manrique: In the north of Lanzarote stands the old residence of the famous artist, which he himself reformed and conditioned. Since 2013, in addition to its modern structure, you can see in the house the belongings and tools used by the painter and sculptor in his workshop. Manrique’s values, as far as the preservation of the Canary environment is concerned, can also be appreciated in the property. 

Museo de la Piratería (Museum of Piracy): It is perfect to be visited with children, due to the wide range of ludic activities it offers. It tells the story of the archipelago, where it still wasn’t part of the Spanish Crown and the islands used to suffer pirate attacks. Specifically, it is documented how the inhabitants of Teguise defended themselves from the invaders, something very important for the history of the island. 

Atlantic Museum: it is the first underwater museum, unique in Europe and which you cannot miss if you travel to Lanzarote, no matter if you are a diving fan or not. It is located in the depths of the Atlantic Ocean in Playa Blanca, very near our Princesa Yaiza Suite Hotel Resort. Visiting this museum is definitely a one-off experience that will allow you to know the sculptures by the artist Jason deCaires Taylor in an incomparable setting as it is the sea environment, surrounded by wild marine species.

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