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Interviews in the heart of the hotel #13: Meet Toni, our Decoration Department Manager

You all know him, although you may have never met him: today, we would like you to meet Toni, our Decoration Department Manager, and the reason why you enjoy customized gifts when arriving to your hotel room, as well as such elaborated and cared decorations in the hotel common areas and themed dinners.

This delicious scent of fresh flowers when you arrive to our hotel or to the Isla de Lobos restaurant, or these lovely decorations during our themed dinners… We can enjoy all this thanks to our colleague Toni. He is the live image of the famous quote by Albert Einstein “Creativity is intelligence having fun”. Today, we will tell you what his work is about.

PRINCESA YAIZA: How long have you been working in the Hotel Princesa Yaiza?

TONI: I have been working here for three years, and I am really happy because I just love my job!

PRINCESA YAIZA: What is your job, exactly?

TONI: I create the gifts for the VIP and returning guests rooms, honeymoons or anniversaries.

PRINCESA YAIZA: What kind of gifts do you prepare?

TONI: For returning and VIP guests, we make some fabric bags with a typical Canarian flower, the Bird of Paradise, as our guests usually like it a lot. For honeymoons, we put some roses with water drops, some hearts and flower petals in the room… some details to make their stay special.  

Apart from these gifts, we also take care of the decoration of the whole hotel. Several areas are decorated with some fresh flowers: the reception, the Guest Experience Center, the lobby bar bathrooms, as well as the restaurants Isla de Lobos, + Tapas and Don Giovanni. We check these decorations every two days: we change the flowers water, we cut them and replace them when necessary. Once a week, we replace them with new flowers.

PRINCESA YAIZA: And you only make fresh flowers decorations?

TONI: No, apart from these decorations, we have decorations in the bathrooms made with bamboo and shells that we check every 15 days, making sure they are always clean and perfect. Then, we have some artificial flowers decorations: for example, at the Kiko Snack Bar in the family area, or at the buffets Yaiza, La Hacienda and La Piazzetta, as well as next to the hotel entrance doors, and in the lobby bar trolley. We check and clean these decorations once a month.

We also take care, of course, of the decorations for the themed dinners: the latest we have done were for the Saint Patrick’s Day or the Feria de Abril parties, or for Koningsdag (King of Holland Day). Last Friday, we had a Moroccan buffet in the Yaiza buffet, and we have had to prepare a themed decoration.

And, we take care of the decoration of all the events organised in the hotel, such as weddings or private parties, corporate events, or the gala dinners organised by the hotel. For example, the gala dinners made for summer, Halloween or Christmas, the latter being a unique event for the work it implies for us.

And, finally, we help the entertainment department to prepare the decors, the headdresses and the masks they need for their shows.

You will also see some special decoration features we have prepared for the special days of the calendar, such as the Women’s Day or the Happiness Day.

PRINCESA YAIZA: How many people work in the Decoration Department?

TONI: During the year, 2 people including myself. In summer, we hire one more assistant in order to help us prepare everything for the Halloween, Christmas and New Year’s Eve gala dinners.

PRINCESA YAIZA: And when there is a themed party, who chooses the decoration that will be made: does the entertainment department give you some indications, or do you create everything?

TONI:  They choose the theme, and I create the decoration from zero, I have a lot of freedom on that matter, and this is one of the reasons why I love my job. All the decorations we prepare are made by hand, as we want to avoid the standard decorations that our guests can see in other hotels in order to create our own seal, our unique and handcrafted style.

PRINCESA YAIZA: That means that your agenda may have lots of changes depending on everyday’s needs! Do you sometimes have some unexpected requests?

TONI: Always! For example, a guest requesting to the Guest Experience Center that we prepare a special gift to surprise his/her partner: decoration in the room, a bouquet, or a romantic dinner at the Isla de Lobos restaurant. We always have to be ready.

PRINCESA YAIZA: And with which departments do you coordinate the events and the gifts?

TONI: Most of the time the requests come from the Guest Experience Center, although we are also in contact with the Reception and Entertainment Departments. And, we can also receive some requests from the Food & Beverage and Events Departments, or even from the General Management. And appart from the hotel decoration, we also participate to external Projects. Right now, for example, I am working on a Project for the Canary Islands Day: a big structure, with freshly cut Canarian flowers… I want to make sure it will look great!

PRINCESA YAIZA: And what do you like most about your job?

TONI: Everything! Handcrafts are a passion for me, starting a project from nothing… I just love creating!

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