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On Mother’s Day, give away Princesa Yaiza!

Throughout the year, they remain by our side, they care about us, look after us and pamper us whenever we need it. A mother’s love towards her offspring is so unconditional that, on many occasions, mothers stop looking after themselves to give the best to their children. That’s why this year we encourage you to devote yourself exclusively to her on Mother’s Day, to turn that day into a special one, full of surprises and family smiles, she will always remember with love.

To this end, nothing easier than forgetting the typical wrapped present and surprising her with something very special, a day when she will be the one who receives all the pampering and attention, and what better way than doing it at Princesa Yaiza Suite Hotel Resort, where our main objective is to make our guests just think about relaxing and enjoying the little paradise of Lanzarote.

Surprise her with small details: On your arrival at your room, a bunch of flowers or her favourite drink are details that will make her begin her stay in the best way possible. And as every single detail counts, our team will always be at your disposal to create a tailor-made stay.

Let her start the day with a good breakfast: the most important meal on such a special day must also be special, and the best choice for that are the breakfasts à la carte of our Gourmet Restaurant Isla de Lobos. Surrounded by an idyllic atmosphere, with the best view of the Atlantic Ocean, she will surely get strength to enjoy the full day ahead of her!

Dedicate yourself only to her: no matter which plans she makes, make sure she disconnects from others and focuses on delighting herself in her day. Enjoying a shopping day at our Boulevard Yaiza is a good option so she can give herself one of those special treats she’s looking forward to.

Let her enjoy a relaxing time: on such a special day, relaxing is essential, and this is guaranteed in our hotel, either enjoying the fine weather, the sunshine and the beach or having a spa treatment at our Thalasso Center Princesa Yaiza, such as a relaxing magnesium cure or the facial treatment Flash Pearls of Nacar, with which she will surely look radiant, relaxed and renewed.

Family dinner: finally, if there is something that mothers really like, it is having the whole family reunited. At the end of the day, you will be able to enjoy a most delicious dinner all together at one of the hotel restaurants, for example our Italian one Don Giovanni, with the best gastronomy to enjoy with your family while you enjoy live music at La Plaza Princesa Yaiza.

And to make this Mother’s Day unforgettable, remember that booking your stay through our website you will be able to enjoy exclusive experiences, as well as organizing a tailor-made stay thanks to our Guest Experience Center, to pamper your mother on her special day as much as she deserves. Remember to indicate, during the booking process, all the special things you want us to prepare for her, we are looking forward to starting on it and surprising her as never before!

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