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Canarian wrestling, a sport full of tradition and values

If there is something we like to maintain and transmit at Princesa Yaiza Suite Hotel & Resort, these are our Canary traditions and culture. For this reason, today we would like to bring you one of the most ancient sports in our islands, which we have always supported in Lanzarote. 

Canarian wrestling is a local sport which consists of a good-natured competition between two individuals, whose aim is for the wrestlers to throw their opponent off balance, proving their strength so as to make their rival touch the ground with any part of the body other than their feet, and be disqualified as a result. The competitions take place in a clay or tatami circle, where neither joint locks are allowed, nor contact with the floor in order to unbalance the opponent, as it happens in other wrestling modalities. 

What makes this sport so special?

• Even though there is disagreement about its origin, it is thought that this tradition emerged in a spontaneous way in times of the aboriginals, on the occasion of conflict resolution.
• Over time and after the Canary Islands migration to Cuba, it was in the Caribbean country, in 1872, where the rules were first laid down. It was not until 1960 that common official regulations were established in all the islands, the General Organic Rules.
• Far from creating conflicts, for years this sport has been reason for link between different peoples from the archipelago and transmission of values, such as respect to the opponent, discipline or solidarity, aspects that emphasize its nobility. 

In Lanzarote, these values are transmitted by Tomás Quesada who, besides being part of our hotel’s staff, works as a coach at the Unión Sur Yaiza Wrestling Club, and enjoys training children and young people of the island with his team every day. In Playa Blanca, outdoor workouts have become a real show that grabs neighbours’ and tourists’ attention on the beach facing the Atlantic Ocean. 

35 years of the Canarian Wrestling Team in Playa Blanca
Last February, the Council of Yaiza wanted to pay tribute to the municipal Canarian Wrestling Team with a real size sculpture representing two children, modelled by the artist from Lanzarote Cintia Machín, which represents the intensity of the grasp, one of the initial moves of the competition.
During this act, the career and good job done for more than 35 years by the team from Playa Blanca were emphasized, as regards the boost given to the practice of this sport. Tomás also wanted to thank the recognition received and the possibility to ‘enjoy this tribute during his life with his family and his children’. 

For years, hotel Princesa Yaiza has played a very important role supporting the municipal club, since there are few companies that collaborate and boost such traditional sport, rewarding the efforts made by the whole team. Since last summer, Tomás and his team have been enjoying a renewed and well-equipped van that allows them to travel comfortably to the different locations where competitions take place.
No doubt, all these little gestures are of great help for the team to keep transmitting tradition and values, and we hope we will enjoy our municipal wrestling team in Playa Blanca for many years, as well as the traditions of our island.

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