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Balance your body and mind with our magnesium treatments

On many occasions we feel tired and stressed, and no matter how much we try to rest, we are not able to recover our energy. This may be due, among other reasons, to a lack of magnesium, one of the most important minerals for the correct functioning of the whole body, because, even if we obtain magnesium by eating many different foods, the amount of this mineral present in them may not be enough. How can we recover, then, from magnesium deficiency? The answer lies in the direct application on our skin, through magnesium baths and oils, since it is the quickest and most efficient way for our body cells to absorb this mineral. At our Thalasso Center Princesa Yaiza, you’ll be able to observe the numerous benefits of magnesium with our treatment Special Fatigue & Stress Magnesium Cure, with which you will obtain results immediately. 

Besides helping you recover your energy, other of the multiple virtues of magnesium are the following:

• Pain reliever: in numerous conditions, as backache, sciatica, headaches, cramps or arthritis the pain is reduced, since a high level of magnesium in body cells results in healthier cells, therefore pain is relieved.
• Stress, mood and sleep: magnesium is also essential for our brain, so raising the levels of the mineral we will reduce irritability, physical and psychological stress and the quality of our sleep will improve. Therefore, if magnesium provides a better rest, this will boost your mood.
• Skin care: the application of magnesium oils helps reducing aging signs. Your skin will look radiant because, besides its wound-healing effects, magnesium reduces skin swelling caused by eczema and hydrates the cells. It is also used to eliminate acne.
• It fights infections and stimulates body resistance: if healthy cells are those which contain high levels of magnesium, our whole body will be healthier when facing viruses and infections and our immune system will be strengthen.
• It helps build strong bones: the absorption of calcium by the bones is not possible without the presence of magnesium. It makes both teeth and bones stronger, and this way some diseases as osteoporosis can be prevented. 

As you can see, magnesium has a lot of benefits that will help rebalance your body. Relax and check by yourself the quick results of our magnesium cure consisting of massages, baths and wraps. Make the most of your next holidays in Lanzarote to take a health break and book your treatments at our Thalasso Center, always advised by our team of experts. Your body will thank you!

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