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Interviews in the heart of the hotel #12: Meet our Guest Relations Department

Elegant, efficient, and always pending of our guests, they are one of the pillars of the excellence of the service we give to our guests. Today, we would like to introduce you to our Guest Relations team, who work every day in our Guest Experience Center to make sure our guests’ stay is perfect.

PRINCESA YAIZA: How many people work at the Guest Experience Center? And from how many countries?

RRPP: Right now, we have a team of 15 people, 12 women and 3 men. We make sure we have people from different nationalities to be able to understand our guests in their own language.

We have people from Spain, Germany, Belgium, France, Italy, United Kingdom… That way, we cover the most commonly used languages in our hotel.

PRINCESA YAIZA: What is a normal day at the Guest Experience Center, what does your work consist in?

RRPP: We start the day at 7:30am, while the hotel is still asleep, in order to organise all the day, to check the arrivals of new guests as well as their corresponding needs or special requests.

At 9:30am our office opens, everything is ready and we can start to attend all the requests from our guests in person, from a viscoelastic pillow to booking a private yacht to visit Papapagayo beaches, or making a reservation in one of our restaurants.

From 8:00am, part of the team goes to the breakfast buffets, in order to wish a good day to our guests and to seat each of them to their table, something that we also do at dinner time.

Until 11:00pm, we are also available as much on the phone as by email, and our office remains open until 10.00pm.

PRINCESA YAIZA: A tip for our future guests: which services would you recommend them to try in our hotel? And in Lanzarote?

RRPP: The truth is that our hotel offers a wide range of great services, the best actually. Any of our a la carte restaurants is a good experience.

We would recommend from Kampai, our Japanese restaurant with teppanyaki tables, or a tasting menu at our Isla de Lobos restaurant.

Isla de Lobos also offers a delicious a la carte breakfast only for adults, during which you can enjoy lovely views of Fuerteventura.

We remind that this breakfast is only for adults, and that its access is not allowed to people under 16 years-old.

The Spa Centre is a wonderful place to relax, and Kikoland is the kids’ world.

PRINCESA YAIZA: What about Lanzarote? We are lucky to live in an island full of secrets and amazing places to discover and visit.

RRPP: We organise group or private day excursions, as much in the South as in the North of the island. You should never leave the island without visiting the Timanfaya Natural Park, The Hervideros (the “Boilers”) or the Verdes Cave.

One place we would recommend and that is not overcrowded with tourists is Lagomar, known as Omar Sharif’s house. That’s a spectacular place in Lanzarote.

PRINCESA YAIZA: Do you have any funny story to tell us? A strange, or funny request, or a particularly thankful guest …

RRPP: The truth is that in our work, we get strange requests everyday, and some of them can be very funny. We have been asked everything, from leaving balloons in the microwave for a father that wanted to surprise his son, to make a chocolate sun for a honeymoon, or a helicopter excursion in the Island.

There are families who come every year, and some of their members have special needs, so it is very fulfilling to know that thanks to our work, and to all the departments work, we can make sure they feel at home during their holidays.

That is really a very nice and fulfilling work, there are even emotive moments when we listen to a guest explaining how we have gone beyond his expectations.

We all enjoy to be cared of and pampered, and this is what we try to do… turn our guests’ stay into a unique experience!







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