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Come and enjoy Kilometre 0, the best gastronomy experience in Lanzarote

You may have already heard about the well-known Finca de Uga in Lanzarote on many occasions, and you have probably seen numerous mentions about it on our blog, and in the media, about the ‘Kilometre 0’ initiative driven by our gourmet restaurant Isla de Lobos. But perhaps you are not clear about what this experience consists of, are you? In today’s post we’ll clear it up for you, telling you in detail what it’s all about. Besides, pay close attention, because you will really feel like enjoying this experience which will be back again at Hotel Princesa Yaiza. You can start booking your table through our website and enjoy this unique gastro event, where sustainability and high cuisine are merged.

Let’s take it bit by bit:

What does Kilometre zero mean?

The movement Kilometre 0 is a worldly renowned gastronomy initiative, which consists of promoting the consumption of local products. What does this mean? That the use of local products, grown or produced scarce kilometres away, is encouraged, which provides multiple benefits. The most important one is the freshness of ingredients, this way being healthier, more natural and tastier. Their nearby origin makes these products go directly from nature to table.
This project is also part of sustainability regulations and the natural processes of production, reducing costs and pollution, promoting local commerce and making consumers aware about the importance of healthy food habits.

For this, at Hotel Princesa Yaiza, and specially at our awarded restaurant Isla de Lobos, we count on Finca de Uga, a spectacular natural space located scarce metres away from the hotel, as our leading supplier. There we collect most of the ingredients used at our gastro event Km 0, which is celebrated along the whole year, on every month’s last Saturday.

What is Finca de Uga?

Finca de Uga is a farm located in the municipality of Uga, in the south of Lanzarote, which has milk producing animals and other livestock species, as the Canary black pig or the Canary free-range black hen, besides a small traditional cheese dairy. The care to guarantee animal well-being and the effort and dedication in the production of food raw materials, have given as a result the achievement of products with unique personality and quality, like its cheeses, recognized and awarded on several occasions at the World Cheese Awards as some of the best cheeses in the world.

Finca de Uga is a key location to undertake the experience Kilometre 0, where concepts as tradition and sustainability, innovation and quality, effort and self-improvement, are merged.

What does the experience Kilometre 0 of restaurant Isla de Lobos consist of?

Experience Kilometre zero starts at hotel Princesa Yaiza on every month’s last Saturday. The hotel guests, residents or visitors to the island who wish to participate, are picked up at the hotel and taken to Finca de Uga, to make a guided visit around its facilities accompanied by Víctor Bossecker, executive chef of Hotel Princesa Yaiza. During this visit, in addition to enjoy the wonderful landscape conformed by 14 hectares, you will know first-hand the philosophy that this project englobes; you will discover the local animal breeds, as the Majorera goat, the Jersey cows or the exclusive Canarian Black Pig. You will participate as well, first-hand, picking up a big part of the products included in the dinner’s menu, designed by the chef, and you will be able to taste some of the products of the farm and solve all your doubts about local farming and agriculture by the hand of the professionals who work on the farm.

At the end of the visit, and once selected the products, participants in the experience come back to the hotel, where, during dinner, they will enjoy a spectacular tasting menu cooked only with local products.
The result of all this is a unique experience, an unforgettable visit and a dinner where tradition, quality and modernity are fused, resulting in a wonderful sustainable high cuisine that will delight all palates.
Now you know all the details about Kilometre 0, do not miss your table and book now your experience at our gourmet restaurant Isla de Lobos. You can’t let this year pass over without having lived it!

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