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Interviews in the heart of the hotel #9: Experience at the Spa Center

We introduce you to Marimar and Mayte, guests who come very often to the Princesa Yaiza Suite Hotel Resort: they have been coming twice a year, in summer and for New Year’s Eve, since the hotel opening! During their stays at the hotel, they enjoy the hotel restaurants (Isla de Lobos, Kampaï, to name just a few of them), and sign up for sports sessions with a personal trainer at the hotel Sport Center, managed by Jorge Blasco. And, of course, these holidays are an opportunity for them to relax at our Spa Center, managed by Afef Lause. Today, they will tell us about their experience at the Spa Center.

PRINCESA YAIZA: How long have you been coming to the hotel? 

MARIMAR AND MAYTE: Since the hotel opening. At the time, we did not have yet our daughters, it was different, but since our first visit, we have only been able to sum up our stays at the hotel with two words: complete happiness.
desde la apertura del hotel. En aquel entonces, no teníamos aún a nuestras hijas, era diferente, pero desde nuestra primera visita, sólo podemos resumir nuestras estancia en el hotel con una sola palabra: felicidad completa.

PRINCESA YAIZA: And how did you get to know the Spa Center?

MARIMAR AND MAYTE: when we came at the hotel, we saw that there was a Spa center. Since we have discovered it, we come every day, if it were up to us we would not get out of here! Before our stay, we contact with Afef who organises our treatments.

PRINCESA YAIZA: What have you tried at the Center? The pools circuit, massages, treatments?

MARIMAR AND MAYTE: We started with the Pools Circuit, but then, we have discovered the treatments the Spa offers, and now we only do treatments. For example, this year we have tried the Sleep Deeply treatment, which we did not know. The massage in itself is an active massage to relax your muscles and body tensions, with relaxing essential oils. It lasts 1h30 and it is very efficient: it leaves you totally relaxes, the only thing that you want to do when going out of this massage is lay down and have a rest. That night we slept wonderfully.

PRINCESA YAIZA: And what else have you tried?

MARIMAR AND MAYTE: the oriental massage, which is also very nice. And, we never leave the Centre without having the Lift Or Parfait face treatment, with gold-based active substances. We usually do it on the last day, before we leave, as it gives us a gleaming skin, perfect to end the holidays. We also tried the Slim Express, a 30mn treatment, although it can be lengthened with an supplement. It is detox, based on sea weeds with a draining effect, ideal to define the shape and improve the blood circulation. It is very good, and its results are visible from the first session! And, your skin is so soft afterwards! That’s actually our favorite treatment. We do it every two days when we are here, as Afef recommends not to do it every day.

PRINCESA YAIZA: And how is the Centre staff like?

MARIMAR AND MAYTE: Wonderful, they are all fantastic. Clara, Jenny, Helena, Daniela, Claudia, Laura, Patricia are the specialists we usually deal with, and they are absolutely lovely, they welcome and pamper you, they are wonderful. And the rest of the team as well, of course. Coming to the Spa Centre is like coming home.

PRINCESA YAIZA: Which treatment would you recommend to someone that would only stay two days at the Princesa Yaiza Suite Hotel Resort?

MARIMAR AND MAYTE: Without a doubt, the ritual Travel to Polynesia, or the Jamululur Detox, those are very special treatments. Both are 2h-long rituals with a peeling, a wrapping and a massage. It leaves you so relaxed that it’s actually hard to come back to reality, very recommendable!

PRINCESA YAIZA: Afef, would you like to add something?

AFEF: I want tos ay that Mayte and Marimar are one of the few guests I think about all year long, they make me be creative. I want to surprise them with new treatments, give them something to make their stay with us even more pleasant. I feel lucky and thankful to have them as guests who have been coming back for such a long time, and I feel that I am growing with them.

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