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Keys to decorate your table on New Year’s Eve

The countdown has begun, 2017 is coming to an end and we are already thinking about which outfits we will wear, about the twelve grapes - this Spanish tradition which consists in eating 12 grapes commonly called the "grapes of luck", the New Year’s Eve celebration…
It is certainly the most special evening of the year. And if we choose to wear our best clothes to welcome the new year, why not dressing up our table in the best way possible as well? At Hotel Princesa Yaiza, we are experts in event and gala table decorations, and this New Year’s Eve we will do the same during our gala dinner, whose preparation our decoration team has been working on for months.

Decorating a table for the New Year’s Eve dinner, paying attention to small details, is a task that will close this great evening on a high note. For this reason, Caterina Notarnicola, our hotel’s decoration manager, is giving us the keys for the perfect decor:

First, choosing the colours: this first stage is essential. The elegance of the holiday's season colours is starred by white, black, golden or silver. The advice is choosing two or three of them and playing with decoration items.

The tablecloth is the first element we have to take into account for our table’s decoration. If we choose a plain colour, this will allow us to add other decorations and the ensemble will not look overloaded. The napkins can match the tablecloth. To present them, we can use napkin holders or tie them with a ribbon. You can place them on the dish or on its left.

The following step is the tableware: at this stage, we have to consider the sort of menu, even though a fork, a knife, a soup spoon and a dessert spoon should always be present. As far as dishes are concerned, the ideal thing is using simple dishes and a charger plate of a different colour from the tablecloth to make contrast. If the tablecloth is white, a golden or black charger plate could be used.

The glassware: It is another important element on a table, so water, white whine and red wine cups, placed following this order from left to right, should always be present. If we have space enough, we could also add champagne cups. On the contrary, they will be set apart till the end of the dinner to make a toast after the New Year’s bell strikes.

• To sum up, add some small decoration details: You can add a centrepiece, some candles or a candlestick, but make sure it is not so tall as to hinder visibility and prevent you from socializing with all the guests. You can also prepare custom small boxes or paper cones with a cotillon for every guest and place them beside the cups.

Once the table is decorated, we just have to welcome guests, make a toast for the new wishes and enjoy the magic evening. Happy 2018!

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