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Sorbete de mojito2

Make the perfect Christmas menu with our recipes! - #5: Solid Mojito Sherbet

And here is the last chapter of our series of articles about Christmas recipes! In previous articles, we have learnt how to make a Christmas Cocktail, the Sparkling Mai Tai, an original Christmas starter, the Watermelon with Sangria, and two Christmas Tapas: the mousse of Canarian Potato tortilla, and the Tomato and Olive Oil Polvoron.

And, last but not least, we will give you the recipe of a slightly different Christmas dessert: the Solid Mojito Sherbet.

Watch the video of the recipe on our YouTube channel:

Here are the ingredients you will need for this Christmas Dessert for 10 people:


-      1 half-spheres mould

-      1 cocktail spoon, or 1 long spoon

-      1 perforated spoon (for spherifications)

-      10 canapes spoons

Ingredients for the spheres:

-      50ml White rum (we recommend Bacardy rum)

-      20ml soda

-      10 mint leaves

-      20ml lime juice

-      25g sirup

-      4g calcium lactate

Ingredients for the bath:

-      Bottled mineral water

-      2g alginic acid


10 mint leaves

Buddha’s hand to grate


1. In a high container, add the Calcium lactate, the sugar, half a lime cut in dices, and 5 or 6 mint leaves.

2. Crush all the ingredients in a mortar or something similar, to extract all the essence and the juice of the lime and the mint.

3. Add the white rum and the soda with a cocktail spoon or a long spoon, shake during one minute to mix it well.

4. In a mould with half-sphere cavities, for example one for ice cubes, put in the bottom of each cavity a medium-sized mint leaf. Fill in with the mix up to half the mould and freeze during at least 4 to 5 hours.


1.    Fill in a jar or a high container with 450ml of bottled mineral water (this is very important).

2.    Add the alginic acid, and mix it very well with a blender, until the alginic acid is perfectly mixed.

3.    Pour the mix into a wide bowl or a square container, cover it and put it into the fridge during 25-30 minutes at least.

4.    Meanwhile, put some clear water into another bowl. When the spheres are frozen, put them three by three in the alginic acid bath, move the spheres with the perforated spoon, and leave them into the bath about 3 minutes, until a gelified layer covers the spheres.

5.    With the perforated spoon for spherifications, remove them carefully, and put them into the water bath to clear them and remove the excess of alginic acid.

6.    Remove the spheres from the water carefully, and put them into service spoons.

7.    Finish by decorating the spheres with a mint leaf and with buddha’s hand shavings.


And with this last recipe we finish our series of articles about Christmas recipes. Enjoy the dinner, and enjoy the Season’s holidays!

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