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Make the perfect Christmas menu with our recipes! - #4: Tomato and Olive Oil Polvoron

We continue with our series of ideas of recipes for Christmas! In our three previous articles, we have learnt how to prepare a Christmas appetizer cocktail, the Sparkling Mai-Tai, and two creative starters: Watermelon with Sangria, and a mousse version of the traditional Spanish tortilla with Canarian Potato.

Today, we will keep the same line: easy, but original Christmas recipes.

Why not turning a Spanish traditional Christmas dessert, the polvorón, into a starter or a very special Christmas tapa? Today, we will show you how to prepare Tomato and Olive Oil Polvorones.

Watch the video of the recipe on our YouTube channel:

Here are the ingredients you will need for this Christmas Starter, or Tapa for 10 people:

- 1 blender
- 1 bowl
- 1 cookie cutter Ø3.5cm

- 50g of dried tomato in flakes
- 5g de maltodextrine (available in nutrition shops)
- 150g tomato powder
- 3g extra virgin olive oil
- Salt
- Caviaroli (optional for decoration)

1. Blend the dried tomato flakes in the blender until you get a thin powder. While continuing with the recipe, keep the powder into a hermetic container in a fresh and dry place.
2. Mix all the ingredientes (maltodextrine, tomato powder, olive oil and salt) in a bowl and knead the dough with your hands.

3. Stretch the dough between two parchment papers until it is 5mm thick, and cut it with the cookie cutter Ø3.5cm.
Note: If you do not intend to eat the polvorones immediately after having prepared them, you can store them into a hermetic container during up to two days.


1. Cover the polvorones with some tomato powder.
2. Add 3g of Arbequina olives Caviarioli, and serve.

See you in the next, and last article of “Make the perfect Christmas menu with our recipes”!

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