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Interviews in the heart of the hotel #7: Meet Mayca, Events Manager

Weddings, congresses, corporate dinners… We have all joined one of these events, and we all have one thing in common: we expect them to be absolutely PER-FECT. To do so, there must be someone coordinating a long time before, and on the very day of the event, EVERY detail. For PY group, this person is Mayca Darias, Events Manager. Today, she will tell us more about her job, and about the type of events organised at the Princesa Yaiza Suite Hotel Resort.

Watch the Princesa Yaiza events corporate video here:

PRINCESA YAIZA: Hello Mayca. How long have you been working with us?

MD: Hello, I have been working here, at PY Hotels & Resorts Events Department, since 2013.

PRINCESA YAIZA: And what is your job?

MD: I am in charge of the Events Department at PY Hotels & Resorts group.

PRINCESA YAIZA: Tell us: what is a normal day like, for you?

MD: A normal day for me will depend on whether I have a group of customers accomodated in the hotel, or not. If I do not have any group in house, I basically do back-office work, at my office.

The first thing I do is give priority to all the requests for quotations we receive for organising events, in order to be able to confirm them if we have availability for the dates requested for a particular event, as well as its corresponding price.

At PY Hotels & Resorts, our policy is to answer these requests within a maximum deadline of 48h for all the hotels of the group, no matter which category it has.

Then, I attend the requests corresponding to the organization of events that are currently being prepared, as there are a thousand details to be taken into account.

From our department, we work to be our customers’ only contact from the 1st moment – i.e when he/she sends us a RFQ – to what we call the cycle closure: that is, the organisation, suppliers hiring, follow-up of all the operations and caring of the needs of the group accomodated in the hotel. To do so, we have to keep a very tight relationship with the other departments of the hotel, in order to make sure that all the details necessary to guarantee the success of the event have been taken into account, and that they are compatible with the hotel occupation we have at the time of the event. We consider that the organisation of MICE events is totally compatible with the management of the holidays occupancy we have in the hotel – the key of the success to have different public segments in the hotel is a good organisation.

PRINCESA YAIZA: And which events are organised at the Princesa Yaiza Suite Hotel Resort?

MD: All types of events: from corporate meetings, as much local, national or international ones, to conventions, or congresses. We also organise family events: weddings, christenings, communions, any special event that our customers want to carry out, be them companies or individual customers.

The events can be for very different group sizes: from small group of about 10 persons, to 500, or even up to 600 people. Our meeting rooms have a maximum capacity of about 1,000 people.  

PRINCESA YAIZA: Where do you usually organise the events?

MD: It depends on the type of event. For example, if we are talking about a corporate incentive, we will focus more on making sure that the participants enjoy the hotel premises and activities, and the island. On the contrary, if we are talking about a congress, then a meeting room will be required, and in some cases a mix: meeting room, and enjoying the hotel premises. We are seeing that the MICE segment is currently hugely rising, after a few years of activity decrease in this segment due to the economic crisis.

PRINCESA YAIZA: How many events are organised every year at the Princesa Yaiza Suite Hotel Resort?

MD: It really depends on many things. It depends, first, on the time of the year the customers have chosen to organise their event. In the months of highest holidays occupancy, we try to avoid organising big events, which we keep for the months out of the peak season. But, considering all the types of events we organise in the hotel, be them MICE or individual customers events, we organize about 40 events per year in the hotel on average, out of which there is approximately 5 big weddings.

PRINCESA YAIZA: What do you like most about your job?

MD: What I prefer is the analysis and logical part of selling the hotel services to get groups: when a sale has to be coordinated, we have to take into account the sales part, as well as the costs of the different services we intend to offer.

On the other hand, there is a very important human part in my work, which I am also very fond of: there are many aspects to be considered to guarantee an event success, and it is also important, at the same time, to be well coordinated with the customer and to give him a tailor-made service, even more so considering that today, the events are organised with a shorter previous deadline. Many issues may arise, and it is crucial to be able to identify them to avoid them. This implies a high pressure, but it also enables us to create a very satisfactory bond with the customer – which is actually the reason why we have such a high rate of returning customers for MICE events.

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