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Carlos soto princesa yaiza

Interviews in the heart of the hotel #6: Meet Carlos, Second Maitre d'Hotel

Today, we will introduce you to someone that many of our guests already know: the Second Maitre d’Hotel José Carlos Soto. You have all seen him during the breakfast service, or during the lunch service at the restaurant El Chiringuito. But what is his day to day? Today, we will know more about him and his work at Princesa Yaiza Suite Hotel Resort.

PRINCESA YAIZA: Hi, Carlos. How long have you been working here, and what is your job?

JCS: I have been working for 16 years at the Princesa Yaiza Suite Hotel Resort, and I am the Second Maitre d’Hotel. I always work in the same shift, the morning shift, from 08:00 to 16:00. My main function in this hotel is the guest service, and the supervision of the waiters team. I am in charge of the breakfast service, and of the lunch service at the restaurant El Chiringuito.

PRINCESA YAIZA: And tell us more, what is your day to day?

JCS: In the morning, when I arrive, I gather together my team of about 70 waiters and waiters heads for a briefing, and I tell them in which restaurant they should be for the breakfast service, and who the guests we have in the service of the day are (which country they are from). I tell them if it is one of the guests’ birthday, if there is any special event they should take into account, or if some of the guests have allergies that should be taken into account during the service. We have 3 breakfast buffets: the Yaiza, the Piazzeta and the Hacienda. The Yaiza buffet is the first one to open, at 07:30, for the "early birds" of the hotel. The Piazzeta opens at 08:30, and the Hacienda at 09:00. We open the buffets at different times for a simple reason: when we open the last buffet, the Hacienda, we close during 15mn the Yaiza buffet in order to completely refill it before reopening it. This way, we make sure that the guests who arrive at the end of the service get a buffet with the same level of quality as the ones coming at the beginning of the service. When the guests we receive arrive, we ask them in which restaurant they would like to have breakfast, and we accompany them there. As for me, I take care of the breakfast service supervision, and of making sure that nothing is missing in the buffet.

PRINCESA YAIZA: And in which buffet do you usually work?

JCS: In the Hacienda, because it is the buffet welcoming most guests, as the guests enjoy having breakfast on its terrace, which has some beautiful views. While I am in this buffet, I take care of the guest service. I think that what makes us different from other hotels is the service we give to our guests. We make sure they get a customized service, so that as much the new guests as the returning ones feel comfortable. And this is something that I request to my team: the service to the guests must be excellent, this is a very important point for our work. Knowing how to listen to them, taking care of them, and all this with a smile, is the key.

The details are crucial: asking a guest if he will want to have a special rice, or a fresh fish, for the day’s lunch, and have it ready when he arrives to The Chiringuito – these details show our guests that we care about them, and this is something they really appreciate. Thanks to all the team’s work, we make sure that all the guests get the best service.

PRINCESA YAIZA: And what do you do when the breakfast service is over?

JCS: Before the end of the breakfast service, I leave the supervision of the end of the breakfast service under the waiters heads’ responsibility, and I go to The Chiringuito restaurant, to prepare the opening of the lunch service. This restaurant is open between 10:00 to 17:00. One important data: “chiringuito” means "snack bar" in Spanish. But, the only thing in common this restaurant has of with a “chiringuito” is its name: it is a restaurant with a very varied menu. During the months of summer, we organise special rices gastronomy days, and we offer a wide range of fresh fishes displayed in the restaurant, so that the guests may choose the fish they will eat this day.

PRINCESA YAIZA: And do you also take care of administration management tasks, such as preparing the employees’ schedules?

JCS: No, the employees schedules are made by the Main Maitre d’Hotel, Carlos Muñoz. The administration part of our work is done by the other Second Maitre d’Hotel, Hassan, who covers the evening shift. My job is 100% the operations management of my shift, and the guest service.

PRINCESA YAIZA: And one last question: what do you like most about your job?

JCS: The guests. I am 52 years old, I have been working for 35 years in this field, and I never get tired of it. What is nice about my job is that I do something that I really like, and this is infinitely precious. I have the best guests of the world, and I have the best team of the world. This is what I feel, and this is I what I pass on to my team and to our guests.

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