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Interviews in the heart of the hotel #3: Meet Victor, our Executive Chef

Today, we would like you to meet Víctor Bossecker, the executive chef of the Princesa Yaiza Suite Hotel Resort. Victor will explain us his day to day, to make us understand the amount of work that managing the kitchen department of such a great resort as the Princesa Yaiza implies. As you will see, our young executive chef checks absolutely every detail, to make sure that the experience of our guests is perfect.

PRINCESA YAIZA: Good morning Víctor. First things first, how long have you been working in the hotel?

VB: I have been working for 3 years in this hotel, from the beginning as the Executive Chef of the Princesa Yaiza Suite Hotel Resort.

PRINCESA YAIZA: Can you explain us what is a normal day for you?

VB: What is nice about my job is that there is no normal day, every day is different. This is good, as it makes you be always pending of everything, and to always keep learning. Managing such a large team also enables me to learn a lot about human factor. Every day, I get to know new people, as much guests as hotel workers.

But, within this “abnormality”, to name it in some way, my daily agenda would be the following one: when I arrive in the morning, the first thing I do is saying hello to my team. Then, I check the Hotel Experience database – a database which lists all the comments from our guests, a sum-up of the situation of the day, a list of all the bookings we have gotten for each restaurant. Then, I go upstairs to check the breakfast buffets and make sure that everything is OK, and afterwards I go to the Isla de Lobos Restaurant to check out how the breakfast service is going. After the breakfast service, I go to an operations meeting together with all the hotel departments managers, to agree on the tasks to be done during the day by the different area managers, and get coordinated.

 Then, I check the production diaries, the inventories if they have to be done during the day, I make sure the cold chambers are in perfect conditions, and I go to the hotel warehouse (the hotel purchasing department) to check the arriving products.

After checking this, my agenda changes depending on the public we currently have in the hotel, as our guests do not eat all at the same time. At midday, I go to El Chiringuito Restaurant to supervise the lunch service. Once I have had lunch – I have to eat, too! – I go back to the office to check my emails, and I go to the Isla de Lobos Restaurant to see with the chief cook topics specifically related to this restaurant – new dishes, or trials for the restaurant menu.

Finally, I go and see the buffets to check out the opening of the dinner service, and, finally, I go and check out the Isla de Lobos dinner service. And, if there is not anything else, this is how my day ends.

PRINCESA YAIZA: And what do you like most about your job?

VB:  I like the management side of my job, as much of the kitchen as part of the company, as of the staff team. But, from a cooking point of view, we have a job that makes people happy, and this is, I think, the nicest thing about my work.

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