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Live the Princesa Yaiza Experience: Interviews of the Heart of the Hotel

How does a hotel work? ¿What makes Princesa Yaiza Suite Hotel Resort one of the most prestigious and reknown Hotels of the Canary Islands?


If you do not know it, this series of articles is made for you: we will publish throughout the coming weeks a series of interviews made to guests of the hotel, and to employees of the hotel – as much known faces, which you can see on a daily basis during your stay at the hotel, as people who you do not see while staying at the hotel, but who are also key to make your stay perfect.

With these articles, you will be able to discover the experiences of some of our guests who have enjoyed the services of our sport center, or of our Spa center, or the day-to-day of the employees of the different departments that make the Princesa Yaiza Suite Hotel Resort team.

Why do we do these articles?

Because we are more than a hotel: we are a team, which works to turn your holidays into something more than a relaxing moment, to turn into an unique and unforgettable experience.

And to make this happen, every member of the Princesa Yaiza team works hard every day to make sure his/her work is done perfectly: because each detail, each service, and each effort counts, this series of articles is also the opportunity to give our team members the recognition they all deserve.


If you want to know everything about us, to stop Reading our blog… We will start this very week the series “Live the Princesa Yaiza Experience – interviews in the heart of the hotel”.

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