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Tips to avoid sun damage on your skin this summer

During the summer, it is usual to enjoy a lot of days on the beach, at the pool or doing excursions, where the skin is exposed to the sun for hours. As a result, you can get a nice suntan, but it is important to bear in mind the need to take care of your skin to avoid any damage.

 The longer your skin is exposed to sun, the sooner it will age. After an exposure to sun rays (UVA + UVB), the cells are no longer able to function correctly. Their capacity to recover is reduced. They start producing less melanin, collagen and elastin, and the skin becomes thinner and drier. This produces eventual wrinkles, fine lines or even skin spots.

 Alef Lause, director or our Thalasso Center Princesa Yaiza, is giving you the keys and steps to follow before, during and after sun exposure, so that you can enjoy a smooth and beautiful skin this summer, without giving up sunbathing:

 ·        At the beginning of summer, it is good to consider introducing more fruit and vegetables to your diet. They are refreshing foods, which contain a lot of vitamins and antioxidants, and help you prepare and hydrate your skin for the months of high temperatures, sun-tanning and dips in the pool or in the sea.

 ·        Of course, the most important measure to put into practice to protect our skin from sun damage is prevention. It is essential to use a sunscreen with a good sun protection factor, which we recommend to apply half an hour before sun exposure. We advise using a body lotion and a specific lotion for the visage, the latter having, preferably, a high protection factor (SPF 50), since this will help you to avoid skin spots and prevent premature aging.

 ·        Our experts of Thalasso Center Princesa Yaiza will help you choose the most suitable product for your skin tone and type, which you can choose among the best sunscreen brands in the market, as Carita Paris, Decolar, Thalion, etc. In addition, in order to get a perfect suntan, you can make use of a wide range of products thought to take care of your skin during the tanning process, as Aromessence Solaire Sérum-Huile Activateur de Bronzage Corps de Decléor, to be applied under the sunscreen, which helps to get a long-lasting and uniform suntan, without damaging your skin.

 You must remember that protection is very important, even when you are not strictly having sunbathe, but just going for a walk, for example. On these occasions when sun rays can affect you, you can protect yourself incorporating products with sun protection factor 50 to your daily routine, as the Progressif Anti-Age Solar of Carita Paris, a complete anti-age treatment, specifically formulated to help over-exposed and mature skins recover their balance, and which protects your skin from sun rays. 

 ·        In addition, to get even better results, you can also enjoy our skin calming, palliative or hydrating treatments, which help return health to your skin. Our beauty experts of Thalasso Center Princesa Yaiza, after a previous skin diagnosis, will recommend you the best treatments to prevent and palliate the damage induced by the sun in a professional way. You will also enjoy relaxing facial and body massages which will alleviate and regenerate your skin by providing hydration, thanks to the use of the most powerful and 100% natural marine actives.

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