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Yoga improves your quality of life significantly, but how?

Yoga is an ancient practice which enjoys great popularity these days, thanks to the numerous benefits it has on our mental, physical and emotional health.

But why does the practice of yoga give us such a state of well-being? In present society, we usually live life too fast and we have little time to listen to our body, and much less time to connect and create a state of inner peace.

Yoga is a daily chance to connect with our deepest self, to make room in our lives and find a state of calm through body consciousness and active listening.

The first way of connection is given through conscious breathing. It is the first step to increase relaxation and connect with our inner state. Its importance is such that during a whole yoga session we work on the different types of breathing, as ujjayi breathing or the pranayama exercises, which have immediate effect on our body: generating heat or cold or activating both sides of our brain.

Not only does yoga teach us to breath correctly, which has a direct effect on how we manage high-stress situations and balances our nervous system, lowering heart rate; but it also helps us to get rid of stress and tensions due to the reduction in the levels of cortisol, the stress hormone.

But do not think yoga is a lax sport at all; the ‘asanas’ -postures- help us improve flexibility, so protecting our bones and reducing the risk of muscle lesions, besides improving agility. Thanks to the combination of dynamism and resistance, both our strength and physical power are increased since we work out all muscle groups.

Other of the multiple benefits of yoga are its healing capacity and the power to strengthen the immunological system, helping us to alleviate illness and teaching us to take energy to the affected parts of the body.

Because of all this, we have incorporated a new Yoga session at our Sport Centre Princesa Yaiza, and from here we encourage you to practice and experiment this wonderful exercise with our teacher Paulina, who will guide you through your practice and will help you to reach a relaxing state of happiness.

Anyway, beyond what we can tell you about yoga, the only way of proving its benefits is practising it and experiencing by yourself how it makes you feel. You will check that nothing compares to the sensation of well-being that yoga produces!



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