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The benefits of Thalassotherapy

Thalassotherapy is the natural therapeutic method based on the use of sea water and sea elements in different treatments. It consists of using the properties of the sea for healing and palliative purposes.

The temperature of water, the movements of waves, seaweed or the movement of air in coastal areas can affect human bodies in a very beneficial way, since they have antibiotic, anti-tumorous, anti-oxidant or antiviral properties, among others, which are used and emphasized in thalassotherapy treatments.

Some of the most important blessings of thalassotherapy are associated to relaxation, as a perfect tool to fight stress, insomnia and depression. Sea water baths cause a full and pleasant relaxation that helps both body and mind to recover their balance.

In addition to relaxation, we can benefit from thalassotherapy in many other different ways, since the more than 80 elements essential for life found in sea water stimulate our natural defences, improve blood circulation and allow our bodies to get rid of toxins that can cause different diseases.

On the other hand, thalassotherapy has countless benefits for the skin. Treatments using sea water favour skin hydration, help to reduce problems as psoriasis or dermatitis, and improve the skin’s appearance. Besides, sea water favours skin toning and increases its elasticity, also favouring a healthy body fat distribution, reducing cellulitis and getting a soft, smooth and toned skin in return.

To make the most of this kind of treatments, ideally, they should take place at a high-quality spa centre specialized in thalassotherapy. The Thalasso & Spa Center at Hotel Princesa Yaiza, located in Playa Blanca, in the south of Lanzarote, has just received the FIT REISEN Quality Certificate (tour operator specialized on health, spa and wellness travelling) because of its luxury facilities and treatments, which are a model in Lanzarote. Located on the sea front, it is the only thalassotherapy centre in the Canary Islands which fulfils the requirements of the International Association of Thalassotherapy, because of its situation and the direct use of sea elements in spa treatments. After having received countless awards and acknowledgments for its excellence in the last years, Thalasso Center Princesa Yaiza keeps making efforts to offer its customers the most innovative treatments and a deluxe service, and is the best place to enjoy all the benefits of sea elements. 

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